The Spanish edition of “The Last Summer Before the Revolution” is available in major stores

A significant event – my book entered the international market. The historical novel “The Last Summer Before the Revolution” was published in Spanish. Thanks to the wonderful translator Jose Mendez for his excellent work!

The book can be purchased at the most famous world stores:

The novel will also soon be released in Italian and Greek. And of course, it’s available in Russian.

About the book

Nature rebelled first. The summer of 1916 is the roar of thunderstorms, wind in the face and icy jets from the sky. But people barely notice the weather. War, war is on everyone’s lips, it interfered with creativity, study, love, life, cut society into two camps. The revolution is already hovering in the electrified air; but the tsar, who unleashed the war, does not notice this. He trusts his own newspapers, follows the battles in the movies and worries most about his family…

Here is a documentary cross-section of the epoch in the letters, feelings, thoughts of the participants of the events; but we will also rise “above the fray” – the finest threads connecting all our heroes are especially noticeable from above: from the emperor to the poet, from the military doctor to the poor peasant woman. These threads intertwined into the wick of the future revolution, and it was set on fire by the summer lightning of 1916.

The book is written in the style of the work of the German writer Florian Illies “1913. The summer of a century.”