“The last summer before the revolution” – now in Greece

The long-awaited event happened – and just in time for the beginning of summer. My historical novel about the last hot months of the Russian Empire was published in Greek in the world’s online stores:

I would like to thank Valentina Pentorets for her creative and amazingly meticulous work in translating the book. Valentina carefully thought through every phrase; there is nothing accidental in her text. After translation, Valentina gave the book to her colleague for editing and correction – this is an extremely important stage.

It was especially pleasant to receive this message from Valentina: “It was wonderful. Thanks for this experience. I found a lot of information and resources for myself. Now I have a separate folder on my laptop with literature based on the links in your book.”

About the book: Nature was the first to rebel. The summer of 1916 was the roar of thunderstorms, the wind in the face and icy streams from the sky. But people barely notice the weather. War, war is on everyone’s lips, it interfered with creativity, study, love, everyday life, and divided society into two camps. Revolution is already in the electrified air; but the king who started the war does not notice this. He believes his own newspapers, follows the battles in the movies and most of all worries about his family… Before you is a documentary cross-section of the era in the letters, feelings, thoughts of the participants in the events; but we will also rise “above the fray” – from above, the thinnest threads connecting all our heroes are especially noticeable: from Nicholas II to Sergei Yesenin, from military doctor Kravkov to poor Tajik Khodimi Jamolak. These threads wove into the fuse of the future revolution, and it was set on fire by the summer lightning of 1916.