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Princess in Jeans

You're watching Almighty TV, and our reality show Tsar's Daughter is now on air! Her Highness Olivia, successor to the throne of the Russian Empire, is going to be picking her one and only out of the crowd of contestants. She is full of determination because she wants revenge on her ex after all! Get ready to indulge in this legend of a show with great challenges, magnificent outfits, cool gadgets, and medieval battles, and find out who is going to win the hand and heart of the future Empress. We're live, stay tuned!

...The Russian Empire of tomorrow is an open country with progressive technology and democratic values. The Emperor gets stuck in traffic jams just like his nationals, while the successor to the throne earns a living at a call center, wears jeans, and falls in love with the wrong guys. After a break-up with playboy Max, princess Olivia agrees to take part in Tsar's Daughter, a reality show in which she should pick her fiancé from the crowd of applicants...

About me

History is fascinating

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, on January 18, 1983. At that time, this city was called Leningrad, but I am glad that the city finally got its true name back. For many years I worked as a reporter and presenter on television, but in 2015 I became an independent journalist and fell in love with writing. You may be surprised that I am interested in both history and fiction at the same time. But, in fact, without a good knowledge of real history, you can't build a convincing fantasy world.


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