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Welcome to my website! Thank you for your interest in my work. I run a historical blog, The Cozy History, and I also write fantastic books. So far, my books have been published in Russian, but in 2023, my new book "The Princess in Jeans" is expected to be published in English. Follow the news on the website!


The Princess in Jeans

This is Russia you never knew. Noble, fair, respecting human rights and the sovereignty of neighbors. There was no revolution of 1917 in this parallel Russia, and the Romanovs successfully rule the country until now, thinking about the welfare of the people, and not about themselves. But is it easy to be a democratic monarch? "The Princess in Jeans" is a funny novel about the young Olivia, the heiress of the Russian throne. The daughter of the Russian tsar chooses her fiance on live national television. But will she fall in love with the winner of this reality show?


About me

History is fascinating

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, on January 18, 1983. At that time, this city was called Leningrad, but I am glad that the city finally got its true name back. For many years I worked as a reporter and presenter on television, but in 2015 I became an independent journalist and fell in love with writing. You may be surprised that I am interested in both history and fiction at the same time. But, in fact, without a good knowledge of real history, you can't build a convincing fantasy world.

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